Personali enables retailers to leverage the power of behavioral economics to precisely target shoppers with intelligent, personalized incentives that positively impact their purchasing decisions.

Our Intelligent Incentive platform comprises a range of solutions designed to help online retailers achieve numerous business objectives.

Profit Optimization

No more flat, “rock bottom”, profitability-inhibiting discounts! Personali helps you identify, in real time, different shopper segments’ probability to purchase and price elasticity (willingness to pay), then segment them up with varying incentive levels to keep profitability high – even on marked down items.

Conversion Uplift

Achieve strong conversion uplift and revenue growth via behavioral economics-driven incentives. Impact shoppers’ buying decisions at each and every step along their purchasing journey, Trigger smart, personalized incentive interactions at the critical shopping decision seconds, turning visitors into shoppers and avoiding cart abandonment.

Shopper Retention & Loyalty Assurance

Seamlessly interact with shoppers across offline and online channels, and present them with precisely the right type and level of incentive at the most critical decision making moment. The result – truly differentiated shopper experience that directly contributes to high customer satisfaction, increased loyalty program registration and,
, and strong long-term shopper loyalty.

Shopper Spend Increase

Boost shoppers’ likelihood to spend by presenting them with related products, bundles and other upsell opportunities –wrapped in appealing personalized incentives – in real-time. Drive shopper spend even higher by extending personalized incentives based on shopper segments’ past decision patterns and product preferences to your brand’s physical stores.

Product Lifecycle Management

Capitalize on Personali’s product liquidation capabilities to apply incentives and discounts, and drive every bit of profitability even out of products at every stage of their lifecycle . Incentives and discounts are linked directly to real-time supply and demand dynamics, and can be applied as per a combination of variables, including product category, age, cadence and stock levels.

Omni-channel Support

Leverage Personali’s mobile app-enabled Omni-channel support to transform single-channel customers into true multi-channel shoppers.
Seamless experience delivered across offline and online channels,
online data-derived personalized incentives for physical store shoppers,
smartphone-assisted in-store routing and online targeting of brick-and-
mortar store customers – these are but a few of the omni-channel
capabilities Personali can help you achieve.

Personali helps online retailers to address key challenges

Intensifying competition driving
mass discounts and promotions,
and threatening profitability

The need to optimize and adapt incentives to maximize online sales and profitability

Power shifting from retailers to a new generation of connected, well-informed and demanding shoppers

The need to comply with
aggressive growth,
profitability and other KPIs
to build shareholder value

Having to leverage data to achieve truly personalized shopper experience, regardless of specific retail channel(s) chosen

The need to process and
comprehend how customers
react to incentives – in real time