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Intensifying competition in the retail industry is driving mass discounts and promotions across the board and placing significant pressures on profitability. Retailers are required to do more with less. This is where we step in.

Our Intelligent Incentive platform uses machine learning algorithms, developed by our data scientists and behavioral economists, to perform precision targeting of shoppers with intelligent incentives, offering the optimal incentive type, level and experience in real-time. Personali converts shoppers to buyers while increasing profit of each sale.

With machine learning and algorithmic intelligence at its core, we offer online retailers the ability to:

Detect shoppers’ purchase probability and price elasticity (i.e. their willingness to pay)

Elicit, capture and harness shoppers’ emotional responses

Leverage captured information to present each shopper with personalized incentives

Personali’s Intelligent Incentive platform enables retailers to achieve a range of
objectives – and specifically increased sales and improved profitability –
via the power of behavioral economics.

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Conversion Uplift

Enhance user engagement via
personalized incentives that
increase conversion rates.

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Profit Optimization

Boost profitability for any level
of sales, through precisely
segmented incentives

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Loyalty & Retention

Encourage loyalty program
registration and sign-in with
high incentive personalization

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Product Lifecycle Management

Keep a tight handle on product
liquidation by applying incentives
closely linked to supply/demand

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User Spend Increase

Offer smart product bundling
options, with combined incentives
applied to cart content.

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Full Omni-channel Support

Deliver seamless experience across
offline and online stores
by offering mobile User Spend
Increase incentive solutions in store.

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across North America, Latin America and Europe profitably engaged via Personali’s Intelligent Incentive experience.


in sales growth generated by Personali solutions, with significant profitability enhancement.