Personali’s Intelligent Incentive platform enables retailers to achieve a range of
objectives – and specifically increased sales and improved profitability –
via the power of behavioral economics.

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Conversion Uplift

Enhance user engagement via
personalized incentives that
increase conversion rates.

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Profit Optimization

Boost profitability for any level
of sales, through precisely
segmented incentives

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Loyalty & Retention

Encourage loyalty program
registration and sign-in with
high incentive personalization

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Product Lifecycle Management

Keep a tight handle on product
liquidation by applying incentives
closely linked to supply/demand

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User Spend Increase

Offer smart product bundling
options, with combined incentives
applied to cart content.

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Full Omni-channel Support

Deliver seamless experience across
offline and online stores
by offering mobile User Spend
Increase incentive solutions in store.

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icon-bt-1MORE THAN

across North America, Latin America and Europe profitably engaged via Personali’s Intelligent Incentive experience.

$400 M

in sales growth generated by Personali solutions, with significant profitability enhancement.