Happier Customers

It’s all personal. personali™ enables you to get very personal with your customers

Increased Sales

With personali™, major online retailers enjoy a significant increase in revenues

Improved Margins

Our advanced platforms constantly learn and optimize the incentives you give

Seeing is believing. Let us show you how personali™ works.

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More sales



Margin protection

Everyone wins with personali™. Take good care of your visitors and your sales will follow

Good for you

  • Higher revenues achieved with better margins
  • Performance-based model
  • Fully automated, hands-off platform
  • Exponential, immediate & measurable results

Good for your shoppers

  • A better shopping experience
  • A likelier chance to make a purchase
  • Instant gratification
  • Memorable and unlike anything else

The Product

Our powerful platform learns, adapts & optimizes your sales funnel - automatically

Decision Engine

Using pre-defined business rules the system decides with whom to engage, when and what to offer


Personalizing appearance and language customized to your brand’s messages


Building various strategies and goals according to the customer’s profiling

Multi Variant Testing

Constantly optimizing the performance and testing new features


Full access to deep analysis on revenue performance

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"personali™ increased our sales by over 30%. There's no other 3rd-party solution out there that comes close to the result they generated for us."

Head of e-Commerce, Top 20 US Retailer

"We expected an increase in sales of 3%. personali™ brought us over 20%. This solution is fully aligned with our DNA"

Deputy CEO, Top 10 Pan-European Retailer

"...These guys are using some of the most interesting approaches in the book of behavioral economics; As a result, when comparing with a straight price promotion, retailers end up with a much higher sales growth..."

Senior partner in McKinsey

About us

personali™ is on track to forever change the way companies promote and grow their sales online

We are a team of highly experienced executives in eCommerce, business, big data analytics and consumer behaviors

We enable you to touch the hearts and minds of your customers

We enable you to get very personal with your audience

We bring emotions to ecommerce

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